Sammy Arriagae

1. Sammy Arriaga

On-chain Revenue Management for Musicians

2. Project:

Sammy Arriaga, a renowned singer-songwriter, sought a solution to manage his on-chain revenue and protect his assets. He chose Reveel to establish unique revenue paths for each of his releases, allowing him to effectively manage and capitalize on his digital assets.

3. Challenge:

Arriaga needed a comprehensive solution to handle his secondary earnings from NFTs and other income streams derived from his music projects. He wanted to automate accounting, establish transparent revenue-sharing mechanisms with collaborators, and ensure equitable revenue splits.

4. Solution:

Sammy used Reveel’s automated accounting and revenue management protocol for his on-chain earnings. By creating individual revenue paths for each project, he gained control over his secondary earnings and achieved financial transparency with his collaborators. Reveel streamlined collaboration, optimized on-chain accounting, safeguarded intellectual property rights, and established equitable revenue splits.