Creator Grant

1. Reveel Creator Grant

Enabling Collaboration and Empowering Artists

2. Project:

Our Reveel Creator Grant, an NFT collaboration competition, reflects Reveel's core mission: inspiring meaningful collaboration among artists. The contest provided an environment for creators to partner with others, challenge their norms, and explore innovative collaborative tools.

3. Challenge:

Our goal was to launch a grant program that would foster collaboration in the creator economy. and would draw in a broad spectrum of creators and collectors, generate substantial artist earnings, and underscore the potent combination of collaboration and community support.

4. Solution:

The Reveel Creator Grant Competition proved a resounding success. It drew hundreds of creators and collectors, amassing over $20,000 in artist earnings. It served as a striking demonstration of how collaboration can amplify artist growth and showcase the power of community-driven talent discovery and support.
With a bespoke interface integrating Decent x Reveel, the competition facilitated the minting of 57 joint artist collaborations from over 150 artists. The notable involvement of 373 unique collectors supported these endeavors, leading to the creation of 1,747 NFTs in a week. These NFTs generated an impressive $15,500 for participating creators. With an added prize money of $5,000, the total creator earnings reached $20,500.